Complete Home Health Care with Aura’s Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions

Home health care offers many benefits for providers and patients. Perhaps most importantly, it ensures that patients stay where they’d prefer to be, that is at home. Beyond that, it also allows for greater independence and freedom, which is a particularly huge concern for patients who may not be comfortable being chaperoned all the time. Overall, these types of services ensure high quality of care, cost-efficiency, personalization, and round-the-clock safety and comfort. You can begin leveraging all the benefits of home health care with Aura’s remote patient monitoring program today. Here’s a succinct assessment of how we make that possible for your practice or business.  

Deliver Medical Interventions in Real Time

The biggest Achilles heel with traditional home health care programs is that medical intervention doesn’t typically occur swiftly unless professionals are constantly present in the patient’s home.

Medical intervention, therefore, is delayed, leading to consequences such as:

  • An increase in cardiac events
  • More frequent trips to the emergency department
  • Negative health outcomes such as deaths

Aura’s remote patient monitoring technology keeps you ahead of adverse events. With access to patient data in real-time, your care process moves from reactive to proactive. You can more easily spot the warning signs before the symptoms kick in, and therefore get ahead of a patient’s condition. 

Besides avoiding negative health outcomes, we enable you to also lower healthcare delivery expenses by cutting down on the number of home visits, admissions, and rehospitalizations as well.

Enable Your Patients to Age in Place

Senior citizens are the most afflicted by chronic diseases and hence why they require regular and specialized medical attention.  But that can mean a whole lot of inconvenience and discomfort for seniors, given that most of them would prefer to age in place rather than at a senior community or healthcare facility. 

The value of aging in place is immense, with a report by the University of Southern California finding that 9 in 10 seniors aged over 65 would like to age in place. We reinforce your ability to deliver health care right to your patient’s door steps with RPM-driven chronic care management. 

Our virtual visits allow for the caregiver and provider interaction to occur remotely. Patients gain better access to care and can reach your facility at any time and the same goes for physicians as well. 

Remote patient monitoring tools such as blood pressure cuffs also further negate the need for patients to visit a health care facility for examination and data taking. These technologies can record various health metrics and transfer them wirelessly to the care provider’s office with little to no effort from the patient’s perspective.

Dispense Palliative Care at Home with Aura RPM

The advantages of RPM-driven home health care reverberate across the patient spectrum. Another section of individuals that stand to benefit greatly is those in need of palliative care, which aims at easing symptoms for patients with terminal illnesses who understandably have a greater desire to spend their time close to home and family members. 

A few key areas of at-home palliative care where remote patient monitoring can intervene include:

  • Care coordination: From social workers to nurses and physicians, RPM can assist to streamline decentralized care coordination with everyone involved in the home care delivery process
  • Measuring effectiveness: Aura’s RPM avails important metrics that can help gauge treatment efficacy, more so as symptoms become more complex
  • Educating support systems: Via remote technology, you can offer training and support to family members and other caregivers in the home. That could occur in terms of advice or providing informational resources

Aura’s RPM can improve patient experiences for those receiving palliative care at home by also helping to address the mental and emotional well-being of patients through psychological evaluations.

Empower Your Patients to be Partners

Home healthcare truly gets going when patients take on more active roles in their care process. Patient safety and care quality both stand to improve as patient involvement goes up. With Aura’s remote patient monitoring program, you can give your patients the tools and knowledge necessary for self-management. 

Information is power in health care. RPM solutions provide the channels for home care providers to offer informational resources and consultations as and when necessary. The data available to care providers ensure they can provide a lot more information than just bare-bones explanations, thus enhancing health literacy for patients. However, it is still up to providers to deliver patient education in a language that’s plain and simple for everyday individuals.  

Beyond that, RPM programs also give patients access to their own biometrics and even the power to record and monitor health data. Patients consequently become more invested and armed with the knowledge of how to handle a crisis, thus they become active partners in care.

Make Treatment Adjustments on the Fly

Remote patient monitoring services collect patient biometric data with regular frequency, sometimes even multiple times a day. Your home health care program can rely on Aura’s RPM to keep in touch with patient data on the daily and in real-time.  

We’ve discussed how these programs encourage patient involvement, and because of that and these regular data recordings, it becomes easier for care providers to spot:

  • Inappropriate medication-taking habits
  • Aggravating symptoms
  • Side effects arising from treatment

Your home health care agency can therefore make treatment adjustments on the go, as the patient’s condition takes a turn. As a result, you can provide health care that adapts to the patient’s changing needs, preferences, or lifestyle even as they receive treatment within familiar walls. 

With studies also supporting the belief that patients recover faster at home, Aura’s RPM can lead to positive health outcomes for your home healthcare program at a much lower turnaround time.

Bolster Home Health Care with Aura Health Today

Are you a home health care agency or a care facility looking to devolve your services to meet your patients’ needs? Either way, Aura Health’s remote patient monitoring solutions are for you.  Our RPM program enables higher care quality without patients having to make unnecessary trips to the doctor’s office. It also enables you to provide experienced and professional support to your team, who help to maintain the dignity, safety, and peace of mind of those under your care. Contact Aura Health to reinforce your home health care with the best-in-class remote patient monitoring system.