Aura provides

turnkey excellence

in virtual health

Our Solutions include Best-in-Class remote patient monitoring and reliable chronic care management

Aura handles everything

No upfront costs to patient and practice

Ongoing patient and practice education

Home Monitor Device Delivery

Set Up & Connected in Minutes

U.S. based care team monitoring

Simple Billing reports provided

Remote Patient Monitoring

Chronic Care Management


Disclosure – Our calculator is for illustration purposes only. Actual results may vary. Calculations are based on estimated 2023 Medicare reimbursements. Additional CPT codes may be passed by CMS in the future. Patient can be on both RPM and CM programs if they qualify. Dollars in this illustration are based on U.S. currency.

For Revenue Illustration

Transform your virtual care
experience today

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to your organization


Easy to use
and simple

Increase patient and
clinician satisfaction

Optimize care


With UNICA Health, an innovative digital
health management platform.


RPM for population health management is a universal affair.

Extend your services to patients on the fly. Trade your capex for opex by eliminating the burden of administration.


Keep in touch
with your patients.

Use smart analytics, HIPPA certified platforms and alert systems for emergency situations and to increase awareness in your patients.
Produce better results along with reimbursements for your time spent on virtual care.


Increase patient engagement.

Aura creates better engagement between you and your patient. The companion application lets patients communicate with you and your team via text messages, by sharing images/videos and even video calls.


Connect with
patients remotely.

The Unica Team mobile app lets you directly connect with your patient from your clinical portal. The recorded calls are registered to the patient’s file along with any associated clinical notes.


Efficient, user-friendly
means of interaction.

Provide comprehensive, seamless consultation and monitor data in real time by integrating Aura’s industry leading technology with your medical care.
Our 4G devices are shipped directly to your patients and are designed to work right out of the box.


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Qualify the Patient

We help you identify patients who qualify for remote patient monitoring – current chronic conditions covered by Medicare include:

Together, we will:

Support the Patient

If you are ready to offer your patients Virtual healthcare, Aura will support you every step of the way.

Grow Your Practice

Get ready to transform your practice into a virtual care center for your chronic care patients.

Aura’s UNICA platform will help you:

Transform your virtual
care experience today.

Contact us to discover how Aura can add value
to your organization.