Aura helps hospitals

improve transitional care and remote monitoring

We provide hospitals and clinics with a high-quality customizable digital platform for cost effective virtual care


Hospitals struggle with costly readmission, staffing workloads, data collection and reporting


Reduction in readmission
rates with RPM


RPM mitigates the number one
concern of CEO’s – healthcare labor shortages


Patient satisfaction and
health outcomes with RPM

With Aura’s personalized care management, you can


With Aura - integration is seamless

Hospitals and Clinics

Earn up to $180 per patient per month providing Remote Patient Monitoring with UNICA

Automatic tracking and documentation for CPT 99453, 99454, 99457, 99458, 99091, 99490 & 99439

Smart alerts for missed and out of range vital measurements

Over 90% of patients stay engaged with RPM

Medicare, Medicaid Advantage and many commercial insurance carriers support RPM / CCM

Customized health checkup questions reduce clinician workload

For Revenue Illustration

Transform your virtual care
experience today.

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Revenue Growth

Aura Health Solutions UNICA platform can significantly save time and increase profitably at the hospital level by:

Clinical reimbursement for remote patient monitoring and chronic care management increases hospital physician practice volumes and revenue.

Virtual Care

Aura’s virtual care platform can: