Transforming Care & Outcomes with Digital Health in Healthcare System


Discover the dynamic realm of digital health reshaping healthcare systems. Explore how digital health solutions bridge medical equity gaps, enhance diagnostic accuracy with AI, personalize patient care, improve engagement, and bring hospital-level care to homes. Unlock the transformative potential of digital health with Aura Health’s leading services

How Remote Patient Monitoring Enhances Clinical Staff Workflow


Explore how Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) transforms clinical workflows in 2023. Discover its role in reducing clinician burnout, enhancing productivity, leveraging AI diagnostics, and strengthening patient-physician relationships. Learn how RPM revolutionizes modern healthcare.

Remote Patient Monitoring Trends & Health Devices 2023


Discover the future of remote patient monitoring (RPM) as we delve into health devices and trends shaping this service. From personalized care managers and AI tools to key health devices like pulse oximeters and blood pressure monitors, explore the expanding use cases and the RPM market’s positive trajectory in 2023 with Aura Health.

Global Telehealth Market Size & Share Report [2022-2028]

With the growing use of innovative technologies in the healthcare sector, the global telemedicine market value is set to increase substantially. The concept of telehealth and telemedicine is gaining traction widely among medical professionals and patients…

Infographic on Heart Health Awareness Month – America

American Heart Month is a great time to focus on the importance of heart health. In order to raise awareness for the importance of caring for your heart, it’s helpful to learn the vital statistics about cardiovascular diseases and the measures we can take to prevent them…

The Impacts of Telehealth on Healthcare & Its Growing Needs

As the world becomes more and more connected, the healthcare industry is starting to make use of this technology. Nowadays, digital technologies revolutionizing the delivery of healthcare by offering digital healthcare solutions and this is how telehealth changes the future…