How Chronic Care Management Transformed Healthcare Practices

Introducing our latest blog on Chronic Care Management Services: Transforming Patient Care for Better Outcomes. Explore the significant impact of CCM on patient health and provider efficiency, along with key components and outcomes. Join us as we uncover the benefits of CCM in improving patient engagement, health outcomes, and provider-patient relationships. Don’t miss this essential read on revolutionizing healthcare delivery.

Chronic Care Management Services Change How You Interact And Care For Your Patients In The Best Way. It Helps Them Manage, And Even Prevent, Their Conditions. CCM Driving Significant Clinical And Financial Outcomes For High-Risk, High-Cost Medicare Populations.

  • 6 In 10 US Adults Have Chronic Illness
  • #1 Cause Of Death In The US is By Chronic Diseases
  • 40% Of US Adults Live With More than One Chronic Health Disease

Chronically Ill Patients

  • 81% Of Hospital Admissions
  • 91% Of All Prescriptions Filled
  • 76% Of All Physician Visits

Clinical Efficiency Of Adopting Chronic Care Management

  • 35% Of Total Medicare Population Eligible For CCM
  • 20 – 60 Mins Of Clinical Care For Patient  Per Month
  • 24/7 Access For Patient

Key Components To Adopt Chronic Care Management

  • 68% Of Medicare Beneficiaries Have Two Or More Chronic Conditions
  • 94% Of Medicare Fee-For-Service Spending
  • 80% Of Chronic Diseases Could Be Eliminated By Preventive Measures
  • 90% Of Average $3.5 Trillion Annual Budget Is Spending On Treatment

Outcomes Of Implementing Chronic Care Management

  • 70% Decrease In Hospital Visits And Hospitalization
  • 2x More Primary Care
  • 50% Increase In Preventative Care Measures
  • 2x The Patient’s Satisfaction

CCM Patients Are More Likely To

  • Engage With The Clinic And Providers
  • Have A Higher Rate Of Medication Compliance
  • Experience Fewer Hospitalizations
  • Feel Safe, Resulting In A Closer Relationship With Doctor

A Successful CCM Program Helps Providers

  • Improve Response Time When Health Issues Arise 
  • Deduct Patient’s Health Risks
  • Connect To Your Patients, Creating A More Trusted Relationship
  • Prevent Acute Situations By Gathering More Detailed Information
  • Increase Revenue Through CMS Reimbursements