Accelerate Clinical Decisions and Provide Efficient Patient Care with Remote Patient Monitoring Service

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What is your clinical decision process like? While there’s surely no one right way to do it, there are multiple, it’s important that the clinical decisions you take are not just accurate but timely as well. The effectiveness of your patient treatment plan and health outcome depends on it. However, accelerating your clinical decisions is easier said than done. For most care facilities, it is a complex process marred by unstructured data and its shortcomings, but the solution could be in modern remote patient monitoring solutions. Here’s how RPM can improve clinical decisions as well as enhance patient care efficiency overall: 

First what makes a good clinical decision?

Well, it takes a balance of many ingredients, some of which include: 

  • Awareness
  • Knowledge 
  • Experience
  • Information gathering

It is not always a linear process, of course, although one step can be a precursor for the next. Other factors may also influence clinical decisions for nurses and physicians, including personal bias and patient preferences. 

How RPM can accelerate better clinical decision making

It’s all about the data. Thanks to the ease of availability of data, remote patient monitoring platforms improves clinical decision while offering patients several opportunities to also be involved in the process.  Here’s how RPM bolsters data management for faster clinical decisions and eventually better patient care: 

Access to data that was previously “Lost”

Let’s consider the traditional patient-doctor checkup setups and how they work. Initially, data points were restricted to actual patient appointments. Physicians could only track data when patients came in for assessments. Now what happened in between doctor’s visits remained a mystery, which RPM is helping to further uncover. 

Remote patient monitoring is helping to create new data points that are further enriching clinical decisions. Now doctors- as well as patients- can access data in real-time or near real-time from devices such as: 

  • Blood pressure monitors
  • Glucometers
  • ILR and other devices

And it’s not just about the number of data points, it’s also about the quality of data points as well. Now care facilities can access a commendable variety of data types, some of which may seem trivial but also go a long way to inform clinical decision-making. 

For example, in addition to specific patient vitals, physicians also get insight into specific patient actions or behavior, which can inform certain jumps in patient vitals and symptoms. 

The impact of qualitative and quantitative data on patient care

With a remote patient monitoring service, certain questions now also come into the fray. For example, the surge in the quantity of RPM data, at first glance, can seem to inflate the workflow for physicians, adding more work in terms of data scrutiny and management. 

How then will doctors already drowning in clogged workflows now tend to the increased data remediation responsibilities? Well, with a good RPM provider such as ourselves, you also get complete care support from our team, providing an extension- rather than an obstruction- of your care team. If anything, there’s less time spent collecting and sorting data, and more time spent with your patients.

RPM eases the onboarding process for clinical decision turnaround

How long does your patient onboarding process take? If it’s heavily paper-based, then it might take a while. In addition to time constraints, such patient onboarding processes can also jeopardize patient confidentiality. In 2019, for example, 41.2 million healthcare records were compromised, due to these records either being: 

  • Illegally disclosed
  • Outrightly stolen 
  • Accidentally exposed

Our RPM intervention makes things a little easier to improve turnaround and also minimize these loopholes. Aura Health can streamline your patient onboarding by easing enrollment by way of our unified platform UNICA. With just basic data to input in seconds, UNICA can accelerate onboarding like a breeze. 

On top of that, we also cater to patient education and onboarding as far as RPM devices are concerned. In addition to delivering equipment like pulse oximeters, and BP monitors quickly, we also take it upon ourselves to educate patients on the RPM tools and equipment. The quicker the patient can get started, the faster your facility gets insight it can use to make those all-important decisions. 

Built-in communication features to double-check with patients

Digital healthcare solutions such as RPM are also making it easier for physicians to get hold of patients for further clarification when the need arises. For example, with Aura Health’s UNICA platform, the following built-in communication features ease doctor-patient interaction

  • Text messaging
  • Audio calling 
  • Video calling 

In a nutshell, physicians can be present, albeit virtually, with patients to seek out more information or get a better picture of symptoms in case of persistent vital fluctuations. This can inform immediate corrective action from a distance, without needing the patient to come in. 

Remote patient monitoring also improves care team collaboration

Typically, clinical decisions aren’t usually a one-person affair, especially with acute cases involving long-term monitoring. They require the coming together of patient data across different care teams, which may also be separated by location and time differences. 

Thankfully, a remote patient monitoring service can provide the tools to ease collaboration even across departmental teams in multiple locations. Every team member can upload patient data on or off-site, while other members can view the data on the other end of the system almost simultaneously. Factor in the built-in communication features that can also be leveraged by care teams as well, and collaborative clinical decisions can be made faster and with a greater degree of accuracy. 

Trust Aura Health for best-in-class remote patient monitoring

Now that you’ve learned just how RPM can streamline your clinical decisions and care precision, it’s time to get the ball rolling. To improve your clinical decision quality and speed, you need not just any RPM provider, but one with proven expertise to match your facility’s undisputed caliber of care. Aura Health is one of the leading remote patient monitoring solution providers. Improve your quality of interpretation and accuracy of examination with AI-backed expertise to ease the strain on your workforce while improving health outcomes. Want to see our technology in action before you make a decision? Contact us today.