Aura makes healthcare

easier for you.

Stay constantly connected to your health. Access to health data increases the ease of patient-clinician engagement, a crucial factor in positive health outcomes.


At Aura, we recognize the need for a versatile
all-inclusive approach to chronic care.

adults in the US live with at least one chronic disease.

adults in the US live with two or more chronic diseases.

Americans above the age of 20 were estimated to be at the risk of heart failure.


With UNICA, a personalized care manager.

Reduce patient hospital admissions
with remote long term care.

Easy access to health data
on a user friendly platform.

Medicare reimbursements drive clinician revenues
through optimized care.

Receive support for nearly all chronic diseases,
with support for orthopedic and lung-related
diseases coming soon.


On UNICA, onboarding becomes effortless.

Our HIPAA-compliant apps are specifically tailored to patient and clinical staff needs.


Connected care allows for daily tracking by clinical care providers increasing patient adherence to monitoring programs.


Routine reminders to patients via text messages and phone calls integrating interactions with the clinical nurse and patient’s family ensure patient compliance.


For Hospitals

Increased clinician-patient engagement and collaboration.

Readmission rate reduced by 40%.

Better patient outcomes result in increased patient satisfaction.

Readmission rate reduced by 40%.

Better patient outcomes result in increased patient satisfaction.

For Hospitals

Earn up to $180 per patient per month providing Remote Patient Monitoring with UNICA

Automatic tracking and documentation for CPT 99453, 99454, 99457, 99458, 99091, 99490.

Smart alerts for missed and out of range vital measurements.

Over 90% of patients stay engaged with UNICA over a long period of time.

Customized health checkup questions reduce clinician workload.

Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and many commercials support Remote Patient Monitoring


We foster clinical collaboration for a higher quality of care.

Access up-to-date patient generated health data.

Set limits and triggers based of patterns.

Receive alerts when patient vitals cross set parameters.

Monitor trends on abnormalities with insights, projections and graphs.

Collaborate with care teams

Combine human expertise and smart AI tools

Increase compliance with regular reminders and tips

Automate your payment processes

Transform your virtual
care experience today.

Contact us to discover how Aura can add value
to your organization.