Remote Patient Monitoring: The Game Changer in the Healthcare Industry

It’s now officially the age of remote patient monitoring. While the past couple of years have been somewhat of a trial run, as facilities pondered its longevity and profitability, today the facts are clear about just what it brings to the fold. Now, over 88% of care facilities already have some form of remote patient monitoring system in place or are thinking about investing in this technology which continues to take the world by storm. Here are a few numbers that prove the game-changing power 

Remote patient monitoring consumers

  • 23.4 million- The number of individuals that relied on RPM technology as per 2020
  • 80% of US citizens are open to utilizing RPM 
  • 50% of Americans are strongly favorable toward remote patient monitoring 
  • 30 million is the expected number of people predicted to use RPM tools and services by 2024
  • 70% of individuals are open to using RPM to monitor their heart rate and blood pressure 

Consumer benefits of remote patient monitoring solutions

  • 9 in 10 patients are pleased with the effectiveness of RPM technology at large
  • 88% of patients who’ve used RPM in the past year do so because of access conveniences
  • 36% of consumers prefer RPM solutions due to the mental assurance it offers them
  • 37% of American patients lean toward RPM because it keeps them in the loop of their health
  • 39% of RPM patients value the efficiency the technology affords above its other benefits

RPM practice and physician statistics 

  • 2 in 10 large healthcare facilities have remote patient monitoring programs in place
  • Close to 9 in 10 healthcare providers are considering or have invested in RPM solutions
  • 85% of doctors carry out appointments with patients via phone or video technology
  • 24% of practices offer RPM services to their patients

The future of RPM is bright

  • $7.4 is projected to be the market value of RPM by 2029, up from $2.2 billion which was the estimated value in 2020 
  • 90% of outpatient visits will be virtualized in the coming years according to some estimates
  • $250 billion- the amount of revenue that predications indicate will be diverted to digital care solutions
  • 42% of practitioners bank on RPM matching in-person patient monitoring in terms of usage by 2027

What Aura Health’s RPM technology has to offer: 

  • 60% of the US population has a chronic illness. Aura provides more robust and efficient chronic care management
  • 71% of consumers want personalized interactions. Aura offers RPM that leverages data-centric personalization
  • 64% reduction in heart failure rehospitalizations are made possible by the intervention of Aura’s RPM technology
  • $180 or more expansion of revenue thanks to Medicare RPM reimbursements 
  • Round-the-clock support from expert specialties to short-handed or inexperienced care facilities

Chronic illnesses Aura’s RPM can help manage

  • Diabetes- Over 37 million people in America (10%) live with diabetes
  • Hypertension- 116 million US citizens suffer from hypertension, which also affects 30% of the global population
  • Pulmonary- 37 million people in North America live with a long-term pulmonary disease
  • Heart disease- 17.9 million people lose their lives to heart disease annually

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