Personalized Virtual Care: Elevating Health Management with Aura Solutions

Many patients today crave personalized care, but, unfortunately, they are not getting their wish. According to a study by Abbott, about 72% of individuals desire personalized care. In other words, this means that it’s likely that the majority of your patients believe that your facility is not meeting their unique clinical needs. But that can all change with our help. Thanks to Aura Health Solutions’ personalized virtual care service, you make this wish come true for your patients. And by doing so, here’s how you will be elevating health management for your workflow:

Capturing First-Party Data to Enable Personalization

 If you are to personalize your care experience, you naturally need access to accurate patient data, preferably in real-time and from the original source. Due to legacy systems, however, most hospitals can’t get to this data, with huge silos standing in the way.

Aura’s virtual care system features smart data management technology that helps you to get this key ingredient that you need to fortify your personalization attempts. We help you collect first-party data from patients, in accordance with HIPAA and other compliance standards, to give you the data you need to not just create patient demographics but even zero in further on an individual.

Via wearable technology and communication tools, we enable your care facility to get round-the-clock and up-to-date information about patients. This helps to hasten medication and care personalization at large. It also eases data collection on your part to ensure even more efficient health management for your clinical workflow.

Streamlining Medical Collaboration and Teamwork

When it comes to virtual care, a lot of facilities that embrace it face personalization challenges partly resulting from disjointed care collaboration. Due to communication difficulties among other hurdles, the process can become efficient and data disjointed, both of which significantly contribute to health management struggles to the point that there is a breakdown of care coordination.

However, Aura Health Solutions offers personalized virtual care to ease data sharing and communication for your team.  When that happens, your facility can effortlessly personalize its service for patients. Additionally, you’ll realize the following benefits as well:

  • Greater quality of care
  • Better working relationships
  • Reduction of redundant tasks and so on

By helping to ensure each of your team members is on the same page, our personalized virtual care service allows you to personalize various aspects of a patient’s care and simplify health management.

Virtual Care to Enhance Patient Triaging

Patient triaging in the traditional sense can be effort and time-intensive as it requires physical access to the patient and performing tests that might have long turnaround periods. Crucially, this conventional way of triaging may not even be the most accurate.  But with virtual care triaging, you can get around all these shortcomings to help sort patients by priority for various courses of action.

Thanks to mobile and browser-based interfaces, Aura’s virtual care technology gives you near-instant access to your patients and your patients instant access to you. With video visits as well as biosensors attached to the patient, you can quickly triage patients and categorize them by the level of the emergency.

In so doing, you can better manage your medical workflow to reduce the time between a medical event and healthcare intervention. This inevitably leads to lower mortality as well as morbidity rates.

Leveraging Virtual Care for Health Literacy

If you are to personalize your medical care or improve health management, empowering your patients to take charge of their own conditions s is a key first step. And this might be quite a challenge considering that the NIH reports that 36% of patients in the US have low health literacy.

Aura Health Solutions steps in to save the day here, providing virtual care that helps you to improve health literacy for your patients by:

  • Providing a channel for your patients to raise questions and get timely answers
  • Offering additional knowledge sources such as the Aura Health website to help with patient education
  • Giving your facility the ability to plan each provider visit in terms of subjects of discussion
  • Tapping into specialists who can help explain certain conditions to your patients
  • Providing a space where your patients can give feedback to help you meet their needs better

Overall, our virtual care platform raises patient literacy, which leads to timely treatment, medication adherence, and better accuracy in terms of taking medication correctly. Additionally, by easing some of the tasks that would traditionally be the duty of your physicians, virtual care simplifies health management for clinicians.

Securing Your Workflow to Ease Compliance Efforts

Did you know that 94% of hospitals have been the victim of a cyberattack at least once during their existence? This goes to show just how much medical workflows are vulnerable to data breaches. It is for this reason that many hospitals put quite a great deal of resources into securing their systems.

Our virtual care solutions can help to alleviate some of that burden when it comes to protecting patient privacy and upholding data security. The technology we offer includes many security and data compliance features. For instance, with end-to-end encryption, our virtual care service helps to protect patient data both in transit and at rest.

Coupled with other features such as firewall port restrictions, login expirations, and device timeouts, among others, we help you to build a secure workflow atop strong network security best practices.

Consequently, your facility mitigates the risk of losing medical devices and records to ransomware viruses, which would otherwise hinder your ability to provide personalized and effective care for the individual.

Give Your Patients What they Crave!

Did you know that 77% of patients desire to have virtual care access? This is evidence of the growing demand for personalized virtual care. Without it, your medical workflow may lose its competitive edge, and its patients and revenue alongside it. Additionally, your health management processes won’t be as efficient or as productive as they can be. If you are to stay ahead of the needs of your patients and make health management more personalized and profitable, you need to partner with a proven digital health solutions expert like Aura Health today. Let’s discuss your facility’s virtual care needs over a call. Schedule yours today.