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With technology continuously improving and new health innovations being developed, patients often need guidance as to what their healthcare providers actually see and do. Consumers have become increasingly open to trying new methods for treating health problems. One such method is telehealth. This brief and colorful infographic lays it all out, explaining telehealth and what it means for your patient experience.

  • Health systems believe that up to 40% of primary care visit could be done via virtual visits
  • Willingness to use telehealth by patients has increased to 66%
  • 43% of US population is expected to become regular telehealth users

Telehealth statistics by health service

  • 69% reported common illnesses/infections
  • 66% reported follow-up visits
  • 49% reported talk therapy
  • 44% reported management for a chronic condition
  • 24% reported specialist visit
  • 18% reported physical therapy

Telehealth satisfaction statistics

  • 42% were extremely satisfied
  • 36% were somewhat satisfied
  • 16% were neutral
  • 4% not satisfied
  • 2% extremely dissatisfied

How Telehealth helps patients

  • Pay Less
    • $40 The average cost of a telemedicine visit. Far less costly than other healthcare options
    • $43 Average additional time cost saved from skipping travel and time off work
    • 62% of survey respondents paid an average of $1 to $30 out-of-pocket per telehealth visit
  • Outcomes compared to in-person care
    • 14% reduction in readmissions for cardiac patients in one health program
    • 91% of care outcomes in a study were equal or better than for in-person visits
    • 6% of telemedicine patients require follow-up treatments
    • 13% in-person patients require follow-up care
  • Time saved
    • 2 minutes time to be seen by a telemedicine doctor
    • 20 minutes the average wait time for most telemedicine visits
    • 13 to 15 minutes an average telehealth visit lasts
    • No need to take time off work for appointments as most appointments can be handled in minutes and on your schedule

How patient feel about telehealth

  • 75% Americans have shown interest in using telemedicine
  • 30% Patients are already using some sort of telemedicine services
  • 95% Patients report being satisfied with their telehealth experience
  • 70% Reporting consumers would prefer to fill their prescriptions via telehealth
  • 21% Respondents use telemedicine due to lack of travel time
  • 7% in 17 million Americans would switch doctors to get telehealth services
  • 76% Patients prioritize access to medical professionals over having an in-person appointment

Patients concerns about telehealth

  • 2% of telemedicine patients report being concerned for their online safety
  • 21% of patients said they missed in-person interaction while using telehealth service
  • 12% experienced or had a concern about technical issues
  • 56% are unsure if their insurance covers telehealth visits

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