Infographic on Drivers of Remote Patient Monitoring – Aura Health Solutions

With the rise of telemedicine, Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is an important component for healthcare. Fortunately, Aura Health Solutions offers services to simplify the monitoring process for both providers and patients. In this infographic, we outline the drivers of RPM including cost-savings, better clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction. Read on to find out more about these benefits and how they could benefit your organization.

In 2023, remote patient monitoring (RPM) adoption is expected to see a significant increase. In order to understand and predict the success of this growth, it is important to consider the key drivers of RPM adoption. The following are key drivers that are likely to influence RPM’s success in 2023

  • Increased demand for quality healthcare
  • Technological advancements
  • Government incentives
  • Growing trend of proactive healthcare
  • Patient preferences

Improved care

  • 50% Half of US hospital use telemedicine
  • 69% Healthcare professionals ranked RPM the #1 reducer of overall cost
  • 71% Health professionals ranked RPM as most impactful on patient experience 
  • 75% Hospital readmissions fell 75% for patients in one RPM program

Enhanced patient satisfaction

  • 9.4 million Patients uses remote patient monitoring worldwide
  • 52% Patient cite access to healthcare from home 
  • 74% Consumers are open to virtual doctor visits
  • 40% Elderly want access technology that alerts physicians and caregivers

Saves Money

  • 47 States in US have reimbursement for telehealth in their medical policies
  • 19 State medicaid programs reimburse for RPM
  • 9000$ One return investment with RPM provided upto $9K per patient

Raising Health Crisis

  • 60% of Americans haves at least one chronic condition
  • 42% of overall people population has multiple chronic conditions
  • $5,300 annually an individual will spending for healthcare

Major benefits of utilizing RPM for patients are,

Within 2045, RPM expected to save health care industry $200 billion

Engagement:Monitoring  24/7 gives better health insights to understand health’s condition

Reduced Admission:Decrease 38% of admissions and 25% of readmissions

Quality Care:25% of healthcare organizations reported higher patient satisfaction

Real-Time Data:Monitoring 24 hours of patient data can be life saving 

Healthcare providers will be better equipped to anticipate and meet the demands of the changing healthcare landscape with Aura, Visit,