Our technology and clinical expertise provide greater access to a wide range of physical and mental healthcare services; empower people with insights that inspire and accelerate better health decisions; and foster clinical collaboration that leads to higher quality of care

Prioritize Care and Increase Revenue with AURA’s Chronic Care Management Solutions

Access up-to-date patient generated health data

Set limits and triggers based on individual patient health patterns

Receive alerts when patient vitals cross set parameters

Monitor trends on abnormalities with AI driven insights, projections, and graphs

Use built in text, audio and video calling options to verify and collect more information from patient on persistent fluctuations that exceed or drop below the expected levels

Collaborate with care teams on connected devices to share and review patient data

Combine human expertise and smart AI tools to determine the right response based on accurate examination and interpretation

Increase compliance with regular reminders and tips on exercise, nutrition and medication

Automate your payment processes and focus the time saved on improving care for chronic patients

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