Insurance Risk

At AURA Health Solutions, we create technologies that bring patients, clinicians.

The founding members of our company, aim to bring solutions that are designed with values, genuine care, trust & dedication for improving the quality of lives of patients we serve.

Insurance Risk


#90 bridges the gaps in collaborative care

for medicare patients between office visits.

It is an easy to use collaborative care platform focused on patients with chronic health conditions. Enables care providers in non face-to-face patient interactions between clinical visits with significant medicare payments. Engage patients to collaborate with care teams.

With full service CCM solution, you can

1. Improve health outcomes

2. Increase revenues

3. Enhance patient engagement

#91 Extending care from hospital to home

#92 Connecting patients to better health. Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) for Hospitals and Clinics.

#93 Remote Patient Management System

#94 SAMi, an all-in-one SaaS based platform remote patient management system, with an easy process for both patients and clinical staff for hospital, clinic, and/or home care.

  • Kit includes blood pressure monitor, weight scale, pulse oximeter, and glucometer free to each patient. You choose what you want monitored!
  • Enrollment consists of patient name, telephone number, and serial device numbers. Our Clinical Coordinator will enroll, educate, and set up the app for patients.
  • Our HIPAA-compliant app can be downloaded through phone, tablet, or a laptop for patients (SAMiConnect) and clinical staff (SAMiCare).
  • Patients receive alerts set by clinical staff to take meds and measure vitals. If the patient forgets, a reminder is sent to the patient via text and call, and an alert is sent to the clinical nurse and to participating family to ensure patient compliance.