Easy to use and simple

Our purpose-built enterprise platform works User-friendly and works with any smart device

Increase patient and clinician satisfaction

Create continuity between virtual and in-person care to support ongoing doctor-patient relationships

Optimize care delivery

Gain insights that accelerate clinical decisions and identify opportunities for greater efficiencies


RPM for population health management is a universal affair

With AURA on your side

  • Aura helps you to extend your services to patients on the fly.
  • By eliminating the burden of administration, this app lets you trade your capex for opex.
  • All you need to do is, focus on the patients’ health and provide them with the monitoring and follow-ups from the comfort of your home!
  • Boost your practice using this app!


Use Unica Team for connecting with your patients remotely.

  • Aura’s Unica Team mobile application lets you directly connect with your patient from your clinical portal, via video call.
  • The video call is secured and reliable, with the recorded Video calls registering to the patient’s file along with any associated clinical notes in your portal.
  • Aura’s Unica Team care combined with Aura’s Remote Patient Monitoring solutions for the post-episodic to long term care required by patients post discharge, or with chronic diseases.
  • For end-to-end technology-driven care.

Provider in-touch with patients

keep in touch with your patients with Unica Team

  • Regular interaction between the clinical portal and the patient's app in their smartphone is made easier.
  • Use the comfort of smart analytics, HIPAA certified platforms, alert systems for emergency situations and educational awareness to your patients.
  • Produce better results for your patients and also benefit from the reimbursements for all your time spent on virtual care.

Efficient RPM

Rpm made efficient through user friendly means of interaction

  • We let you provide comprehensive and seamless consultation and monitoring processes by integrating our technologies with your medical care.
  • We provide medical monitoring devices and services to patients to enable you to make use of them.
  • Our 4G devices are shipped directly to your patients and are designed to work right out of the box.
  • Aura’s industry leading technology creates a seamless experience for you, your care managers and your senior patients.
  • Real time data monitoring is also offered by Aura which is all the more effective.


Multiple opportunities to increase patient engagement

  • Aura’s simple yet seamless mobile application experience creates better engagement between you and your patient.
  • Patients can also communicate with you and your team via text messages, image and video sharing and video calls in real time using the companion Patient Application which can help in getting great results.

UNICA health: An Innovative digital health management platform

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